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Man pron

man pron

mamon ↩ · mams ↩ · mamsell sbst. mamsen ↩ · mamsingen ↩ · man sbst. 1 · man sbst. 2 man sbst. 3 ↩ man pron. man adv. man konj. ↩ · -man sbst. mana v. 1. Translation for 'man' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations. "man" translation into Swedish. Did you man {pron.} EN. Aldrig har man hört maken, der gleichen hat man nie gehört. Akta makar Af ljudet, kännes malmen» den Vogel kennt man am Gesange. Man,-pron. impers.

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Man pron -

Context sentences Context sentences for "man" in Swedish These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Kvinnors rättigheter glöms snabbt bort i den manliga värld vi lever i. English He was a kind man , and there was nothing wrong with him, but it all got very involved. English We talk about the victims of this man here as if we had to ward them off. Mannen i fråga är den nuvarande ledamoten av det tjeckiska parlamentet Jiří Dolejš. man pron

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